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Will Sew For Food – U2 Skirt remake!

will sew for food

Well, we’ve had a repeat Will Sew For Food customer!  U. was so happy with the remake we did for her, she brought us two more skirts!

will sew for food


The first piece was a denim mini!  Our very favorite place to start!  This one had all the ingredients we look for in a foundation piece, in good condition, a wide hem, a good brand.  (This one is a CATO.)

tiered skirt

A lovely tiered piece in shades of red, white and blue.  Just the right thing to pair with a denim mini!  Now the refashioning of these skirts was like so many others that we’ve done before, that if you want to skip the step by step directions, we certainly won’t be offended!

Step 1:  Cut off top tier of the tiered skirt.  U. requested again that this skirt be a super long 40 inches, so that’s where the mark came to when we laid them out together.

Step 2: Pin and sew tiered skirt to bottom of denim mini.

Step 3: Sew 2 additional lines of stitching around hem to secure tiered skirt and add decoration!

will sew for food


There you have it!  Another fantastic denim mini refashion.  Fast, fun, easy and cute!

back view


See the cute pocket detail on the back?  We always like to work with contrast stitching on our denim minis because they are like a little hint about what colors the denim mini would pair the best with.  U. must have know that because this one has navy and tan stitching!

will sew for food

We love how full these tiered skirts are that U. brings us!  She says she liked this skirt, but felt it was too short before!  She also told us before we refashioned these two skirts for her she didn’t really like wearing skirts because it felt like something was wrong with them!  But now she says everything has changed and she loves these two!  Glad to be of assistance!  Helping everyone love skirts more, getting more people focused on skirts and femininity is our mission!

pinterest ready picture

Well, there’s your daily Skirt Fixation!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  And whenever you are ready to submit your own skirt remake, or request that we  will sew for food for you, just pick one of the buttons on the right sidebar!

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