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Skirt Alert! – Skirt Costumes Theme Week

skirt costumes 2013

This week was a great one for sighting skirt costumes!  There were all sorts of skirt costumes out there, and we’re going to showcase some skirt sighting for you today!  But first a picture from last year’s skirt costumes on parade!

skirt costumes 2013

 Simply Amazing!

We weren’t sure if any skirt costume could measure up to this sighting from last year, but prepared to be a surprised as we were!  Skirt Costumes 2013 version coming up!

skirt costumes 2013

 Fairy GrandMartha!

Here we have Martha Stewart in all her pink, fairy, skirted glory!  What an amazing costume, and we love the background too.  We understand that Halloween is one of Martha’s favorite holidays, and she really goes all out for her costumes.  Hurrah for this skirt costume!

skirt costumes 2013

 Bethany Frankel & daughter

Look at the cute little fairy costume!  And we heard this little costumed cutie got picked up from school in a pink limo!

skirt costumes 2013

 Ashley Tisdale’s niece

Three cheers for the brave batgirl skirt costume!  Superhero’s in skirts are really, really, super!

skirt costumes 2013Michael Strahan’s daughters

We wonder if these two girls got their ideas from Aria and Annie?  At any rate, we sure do like their skirt costumes!

skirt costumes 2013

Denise Richards and family

It looks to us like the majority of this family decided skirt costumes were the perfect theme for 2013 also!

skirt costumes 2013

Mariah Carey’s twins

New Dress A Day

And here is one of our favorite fashion bloggers and her skirt costume.  We read Marissa’s blog, New Dress A Day, everyday for inspiration!  She takes thrift finds and remakes them into totally modern gorgeous pieces of art!  Sound familiar?  Or at least we’re trying to measure up!  (Pun intended!)

And speaking of superheros, how about this dynamic duo?  Hip hip hooray for skirt costumes 2013!

skirt costumes 2013

Although we don’t know exactly what these girls costumes represent, we thoroughly approve of their skirts!

skirt costumes 2013

Just look at all the cute little skirted costume goers!  What an awesome way to spend a fun evening…in a skirt!

And now because we always save the best for last, we present E. the hula girl!

skirt costume 2013

Don’t you just love that skirt?  And as much as we loved this skirt costume when we first saw it, we were totally head over heals when we heard she picked it up at Goodwill for 99 cents!

skirt costumes 2013

Extreme close up of the hair do!

goodwill skirtTotally twirl-worthy!

goodwill skirtTotally tuckered out from so much twirling!

What an amazing skirt costume!  Thanks for sharing it with us E.

Well, that’s this week’s Skirt Alert.  We were so pleased to see so many amazing skirt costumes this week.

Make it beautiful,


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