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Skirt Alert! Plaid Skirts for Fall and Winter

plaid skirts

Today’s Skirt Alert is about a season fave, the plaid skirt! I know that we’ve already featured quite a few of these lately, but we just can’t get enough. Plaid skirts in fall and winter are as much of a tradition as hot cocoa, and snowmen, and and hatsandscarvesandmittens, and….well, you get the idea.

fall plaid skirt


  • 1.  The Black and Blue plaid Asymmetrical skirt.

This skirt is cool because the skirt is asymmetrical, yet the pattern continues like it is not asymmetrical! It is really cute, and I like the three buttons on the flap, and the big pockets. I would wear this with black tights, black riding boots, and a white blouse or chunky sweater.

plaid skirts

  • 2.  The Ruffled Plaid Maxi skirt.

I adore the ruffles on this skirt, and the cute way that the fabric wraps around. It is also cute because the large plaid is complemented by small plaid in the same color scheme. The shabby vintage boots are a cute pairing, and I would wear a vintage blouse if I wanted to keep in the vintage feel.

plaid skirt for winter

3. The Blue and Green Pleated plaid skirt.

Here is a combining of two of our favorites. Three of our favorites actually, Midi length, pleats, and plaid. The tightly pleated effect makes these awesome kind of arches on the skirt! The ankle boots are cute, but I would wear full boots or heels and a more casual blouse or sweater.

plaid skirts

4.  The Brown plaid skirt

Another pleated skirt! I love brown plaid, it is so very pretty!  It is not as fancy, as the others, but there is something to be said for understated sometimes!  Plaid is the perfect pattern to be calm, cool and collected!  I like the slightly longer length, and the big pleats are a plus. If I had this cute skirt in my closet, I would wear it ofter with white tights, brown boots, and a cute chunky white sweater.

plaid skirts

  • 5.  The Pink and Gray plaid skirt.

This one is cute because it is light and breezy, but still warm and cozy! I love the pink and gray combo (one of my faves), which would be cute with black boots or pumps, and a white or black loose boatneck sweater.

Leave us a lovely plaid-related comment, and help us fully figure out our plaid love.

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4 thoughts on “Skirt Alert! Plaid Skirts for Fall and Winter

  1. The Ruffled plaid skirt is one of my favorites on this site so far!! Too bad stores around here don’t carry such things!

    1. Maybe you should make one!

  2. Hi!
    Where can I buy the maxi, ruffled, plaid skirt? Gorgeous!

    1. I think that one’s currently sold out! But we’d love one too!

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