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Old Navy Green Denim Mini Refashion – Plain to Pretty Lace-y!

old navy skirt

Today’s skirt remake was hardly a remake! It was so easy that it was almost unbelievable, but it still looked professional and cute when I was done! I started out with a cute Old Navy green denim mini skirt from St. Vincent for $2.50.

old navy green denim mini

We thought of using this like we’ve used other denim minis, and putting another skirt or some fabric on the bottom, but that didn’t work out. It had sat in the denim mini box for a long time when I decided to go through the box today, and there it was, just waiting to be used! I had an idea as soon as I saw it, and this idea was a particularly good one because it used lace, which I love. I thought that it would be cool to have slanting layers of lace all around a skirt! I put my idea into action and…….

Step 1: I started with a thick white lace, and a thin white lace. I pinned them on, making both layers wrap around diagonally.

Step 2: I sewed the lace on, tucking the end of the wide lace under the bottom of the skirt.

old navy green denim mini

Yep, that’s right! Two steps to make this baby into a brand-new skirt! I love the way that the different styles of lace look together, and the way that the slantiness of the lace make the skirt kind of edgy!

green denim mini

Total Time: 15 minutes

Total Cost: $2.50

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

anthropologie skirts

It actually looks like these two skirts from Anthropologie, which is kind of cool!  Anthropologie has a lot of cute skirts!

old navy skirt

I wore a black dolmen sleeve shirt, and black leggings to model this skirt. If I had them, I would’ve worn black Keds too!

back view

Here is the back view, you can see how the lace wraps around for a sort of half chevron look!  I am just in love with this easy-peasy Old Navy green denim mini refashion!

pinterest ready photo

We are putting this skirt on Etsy here, so we can share the skirt love! This is a cute skirt for going to the library, having a special brunch, or just hanging out! Well, I have Black Friday plans, so I gotta go!

What do you think? Plain or Pretty Lace-y?

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