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Fall Plaid DIY Skirt Makeover – Pitiful to Pleasing!

schoolgirl skirt refashion

Eeeeeeee! This remake is soooo cute, and I’m so exited about it! We started with a skirt that was gifted from a dear grandma lady.

plaid DIY skirt makeover

It was very… should we say… grandma-ish! It came about mid-calf on me, (sorry we didn’t get a before pic outside, but it was raining) and as it was it was just too much plaid. Waaaaaaaay too much plaid. To me it looked like some kind of golf shirt gone wrong, or something destined to be passed along forever until someone craftier than me turned it into a tree skirt or something along those lines! I actually had to think a bit before I came up with a good remake idea, but I saw that it had pleats, and a lightbulb went on over my head!  It was time for a plaid DIY skirt makeover!

1. I cut off about a foot of the awful plaid.

2. I re-hemmed the bottom to the now about-knee-length skirt.

3. I sewed red grosgrain ribbons on the bottoms of the two front belt loops.

4. I hemmed the cut off part into an infinity scarf!

DIY plaid skirt makeover

Yep, that’s it! It is the cutest thing in the WHOLE WORLD now! It is a size ten, but it has such a tight elastic waist that it fit Aria perfectly, and it was too short for me. I thought that it looked like something ‘English Schoolgirl’ with the pleats and all, so I played up on that.

schoolgirl skirt refashion

Aria wore a white button-down shirt with the skirt, and accessorized with white tights, black shoes, and a red ribbon bow. Doesn’t she look so much like a schoolgirl!?!?!

Total Time: 15 minutes for both skirt and scarf!

Total Cost: $0!

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

DIY infinity scarf

We are putting this up for sale on Etsy here, and if you buy this skirt before December 1, you get the scarf shown in this last picture thrown in for FREE! I think it is a perfect skirt for holiday parties and other functions, as well as for costumes.

pinterest ready photo


Be sure to vote in the poll, visit Etsy and also, please leave us a comment about a skirt you wore in your schoolgirl days!

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3 thoughts on “Fall Plaid DIY Skirt Makeover – Pitiful to Pleasing!

  1. Adorable skirt! Aria does look like a English schoolgirl. : )

  2. That is such a cute skirt! I love the pleats. Great fixation! 🙂

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