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Dress to Skirt Remake – Pre-teen Dress Mess to Performance Ready Skirt!

concert skirt

Today we show you how you can take a dress and adjust it for a pre-teen who doesn’t have the right…er…shape!  Yes, it’s a dress to skirt refashion!  You are going to love our pre-teen dress fix!

pre-teen dress fix

We started with this lovely dress we picked up at Goodwill for $8.  Yes, can you believe we actually paid that much?  It’s the most we’ve ever paid for an item from Goodwill that we intended to refashion, but Aria had a very special need for a fancy skirt.  We didn’t see a skirt that was going to just fit the ticket when we were out shopping, but then we saw this dress!  It was so lovely, and only had one problem…it was curvy where a pre-teen has no curves.  Never fear, the gals at Skirt Fixation have a plan!

Here’s the plan:

Step 1: Hand sew stitches on the zipper where we intend the new top to be.

Step 2: Cut off the top of the dress, leaving 1/2 inch to work with above the black bow trim.

Step 3: Cut out the padded insert across the front of the dress, which was just making it hard to fold down.

Step 4: Fold over 1/2 inch and sew down to the top of the black bow trim.

Step 5: We decided to reinforce the stitching so that the netting floral material didn’t pop up across the front.  It didn’t need to be hemmed because it’s no fray fabric, but it was slippery, and we were afraid it would pop up without the additional stitching which we did by hand.

Step 6: Reinforce the new top of the zipper so it stayed where it was supposed to.

Ready, Get set, Reveal!

pre-teen dress fix

How do you like it now?

I love how the black bow trim at the waist looks like a cummerbund on a tuxedo!  I mean it was cute before, but now it’s perfect for the occasion which is…

concert skirt

How about an encore?

Yes, Aria plays the viola and has an upcoming recital.  That is what she needs the special skirt for.  And now we think she’s going to take down the house in this amazing ensemble!

pre-teen dress fix

Getting ready to curtsy.

Total Time: 45 minutes

Total Cost: $8 (Not too bad for a special occasion skirt!)

Talent Level: Intermediate Level (Better not attack slippery material on your first few attempts!)

pinterest ready photo

We know Aria will do awesome in her recital, and there’s no question she’ll take the prize wearing this skirt!  Good luck, Aria!  Let Aria know in the comment section what your favorite music for viola is, or what she should wear with this skirt (she’s modeling two different options in the photos above) or tell us about a skirt you wore for a special occasion.  And vote in the poll too!

Make it beautiful,


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