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Dress to Skirt Remake – Baby Doll to Beautiful!

dress to skirt refashion

On Today’s refashion, we started with this dress.

dress to skirt refashion


This Dress.

I mean No.

Not this dress.


It was a Fire brand dress from St. Vincent which we picked up for a whole $0.75!  Talk about breaking the bank!  It made me feel very much like a baby doll, hence the picture below.

dress to skirt refashion

Yes, that is me trying to look like a baby doll. This picture pretty much sums up the dress. Babyish feeling, and too cutesy for me. AAAAAAAnyway, as it was, this dress was too summery, and was not going to work for me atall. Atall. AT ALL!  I knew that if I just fixed it, the colors would be great for fall.  Mustard is soooo in right now!

So here’s the plan if you want to do a dress to skirt remake!

Step 1: I cut off the triangle thingies at the top front, leaving a nice wide waist. (Yay for wide waistbands!!!)

Step 2:

  • I cut the back off about an inch, and fixed it so that the zipper is still functional, just shorter.  To do this you fold over the top of the new zipper ends and tack them down by hand.

Step 3: The back of the skirt was shorter than the front, so I shortened the front of the skirt just a bit.

dress to skirt refashion

This is really cute now! It is a very fall skirt, and even though it’s lighter weight, you can pair it with warmer accessories to make it autumnal.

wide waistband

I love the waistband, and the big ties in the back. I paired this with a red shirt and cream sweater, and brown tights and slouchy boots. To make it more winter, I would add a red turtleneck sweater, and a brown peacoat.

DIY dress to skirt refashion

Actually, thinking about it, I might wear this for Thanksgiving! It has good Thanksgiving colors in it, and the pattern is kind of vintage. It is also a good cello skirt, which is a very big plus as far as I am concerned. “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen” concerning cello skirts. Buuuut, I won’t go into that now. People generally do not like to hear about my cello skirt tribulations. Okay, I have rambled on long enough.


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One thought on “Dress to Skirt Remake – Baby Doll to Beautiful!

  1. Wonderful Thanksgiving skirt remake, Allegra! I love the entire after outfit. : )

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