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Will Sew For Food – Our First Customer!

back view

We are excited to let you in on a new section of our website!  We hope you are enjoying our skirt refashions as much as we are enjoying refashioning them!  We sell some skirts on Etsy, but maybe they are not your size, style, whatever!  So what do you do if you have an idea you want us to execute on?

A friend of ours cannot sew, but has been admiring our refashions in person.  She’s the kind of person who oooohhhs and aaaaaahhhhhhs over our work and makes us feel so special!  So one day she showed up with 2 skirts and asked us to refashion them for her telling us exactly what she wanted.  So we had this lightbulb go on!  We’re quite sure there are others of you out there who would like to take advantage of our handy sewing skills!  Keep your eyes glued to the right margin of this website, because in the next few days, an opt-in box will appear (we’re working on it, but we have to stop sewing long enough!) and you will be able to submit your requests to us!  We’ve christened it Will Sew For Food!

So now onto our friend’s request!  Here is the first skirt she gave us.

will sew for food

She loves the fit of this skirt, but her complaint was that it was too tight around the bottom hem, and “I have to walk like a robot!”  We also noticed when we were working with this skirt that there was an unflattering brown stain on the, well, rear.

On to skirt #2:

will sew for food

The problem with this one?  It is just her style, color and pattern, but too short!  She requested we combine the two and the final product be close to 40 inches long!  Okay, here we go!

Step 1: Figure out how to combine the 2 to the best advantage of both!  Eliminating the robot walk, of course!

Step 2: Cut 11 inches off the top of the red, and all but 12 inches off the top of the denim skirt.  (Remember the unflattering brown stain?  Goodbye! ~ It was below the 12 inch mark!

Step 3: Hem the new top of the red skirt and new bottom of the denim skirt.

Step 4: Pin and sew the 2 skirt together.

Step 5: Top stitch again around where the 2 skirt connect to reinforce and make it look like a denim seam.

Okey-dokey!  What do you think now?

will sew for food

We simply cannot wait to show this to our friend!

back view

Back view – notice: no unflattering brown stain!

Total Time: 45 minutes

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

will sew for food

Twirl ready!  Look at that fullness!

We’ll be sure to update this post after we give this back to our friend, and let you all know what she thinks of it!

pinterest ready photo

By the way, what do you think of it?  Let us know in the comment section!  And since we’re getting hungry to do more sewing…keep your eyes peeled for that box, ‘cuz when we put it up, we Will Sew For Food!

Make it beautiful,


2 thoughts on “Will Sew For Food – Our First Customer!

  1. LOVE the way the red fabric coordinates with the denim!!!

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