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Skirt FACTSination – Fabric Series – Corduroy History

corduroy history

Today we continue our tour of fabric types and their history with some corduroy history and styles.  Legend has it that the term corduroy came from a 17th century English corruption of the French phrase  “corde du roi” or “cloth of the king!”  Corduroy is composed of twisted fibers that lie parallel to one another to form the distinct ‘cord’ pattern.  Corduroy is, in essence, a ridged form of velvet. Corduroy, however, is considered a durable cloth, and is commonly found in trousers, jackets, shirts, and skirts. In Europe, corduroy is commonly know simply as ‘Manchester’, or ‘Cord.’ I tend to think of corduroy in terms of horse riding, or pheasant hunting, a sportswoman’s fabric. Corduroy is enjoyable to wear in winter, as it is a heavier fabric, and comfortable and warm. Corduroy skirts tend to be made most prevalently in midi length, with pencil style as an overall trend. I found some cute corduroy skirts on Pinterest to list as examples.

corduroy history

1. The Olive corduroy skirt.

This is the classic corduroy skirt, businesslike, sleek, and warm. The nature of the fabric gives the pencil shape a bit of modesty, and the skirt looks professional enough for work, yet casual enough for hanging at home. I adore the way that corduroy looks with clogs, like shown on the model, but patterned tights and pumps would work for a business look.

corduroy history

2. The Caslon corduroy skirt.

Cute cute cute! I love the less fitted style of this skirt, and the flirty look of the pleat. I also like the large pockets and defined waistline, and the way that this skirt looks with the boots. Corduroy and boots are a definite winning pairing. This skirt’s shape makes it a bit more casual than the previous skirt, a perfect ingredient for a relaxing winter day.

corduroy history

3. The Holly Hills corduroy skirt.

Corduroy skirts tend to be made in darker and earthier colors that other fabrics, and this skirt is no exception. This skirt is almost an elongated version of the olive skirt, but with a bit looser shape. The skirt would be a good choice for lengthening your shape, and paired with burgundy tights and brown boots like those shown in the picture, you could be a stunning winter knockout!

corduroy history

4. The Long corduroy skirt.

I like this style of skirt, a very warm feeling color and style, almost along the lines of a denim maxi, with warmth that is perfect for chilly climates. Boots are a definite win with all corduroy skirts, but a pair of well-chosen clogs would be darling with this style.

I love corduroy skirts because of the warm feeling that they give me when I wear them or even look at them! We hope you enjoyed this little tour of corduroy history!  Share the love (of corduroy skirts) and leave us a comment in the comment section about what you love about corduroy skirts!

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