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Skirt Alert! Pink Ribbon Skirts!

pink ribbon skirt

For this week’s Skirt Alert! we are featuring pink skirts in honor of Pink Ribbon/Breast Cancer Awareness month.  As we were searching for pink skirts, we found so many fun shades of pink and so many great options!  Get ready for some Pink Ribbon Skirts!

anthropologie pink skirt

To start with is the Fluer Field Skirt at Anthrpology by Orla Kiely.  This skirt has so much pattern and texture, we imagine the wearer would have to endure some touching and stroking of her skirt!  The shape reminds us of the bubble skirt we refashioned earlier in the week.  The folks at Anthro recommend a lacy femme blouse and raspberry pumps for a ladylike look, and we second the motion!  All in favor…

anthropologie pink skirt

Also Antro has this awesome skirt!  They call it the Calabria Pencil Skirt, but we call it amazing!  Look at that texture!  I mean really!  And the color is such an intense pink.  Wow!  We love the shoe pairing too!  Metal tipped shoes are all the rage right now.  This one’s definitely going on our Shoes & Skirts board over at Pinterest!

pink ribbon skirt

Over at Urban Outfitters we found this Sparkle & Fade Silky Ombre Maxi Skirt.  First of all, as tall females, we are always excited to find Maxi skirts long enough for us, and at 42”, this one fits the bill.  Speaking of bill, it’s on sale for $14.99, so hurry, hurry!  And then lastly, dear readers, you know we have an ombre weakness, so you just knew there was going to be one pink ombre skirt in this collection didn’t you?!

pink ribbon skirt

Isn’t this fun?  Sometimes the sound of a pink skirt seems repulsive, but this next one is here to show you how pink can be fun, fun, fun!  Over at Modcloth, we found a pink skirt aptly named Coral Centerpiece Skirt!  With the pleats and the lace inset, we’re just itching to start a new (copycat) project, but we have a post to finish!  Sigh!

pink ribbon skirt

On to JJill!  They have this great skirt Tropical Scene Easy Skirt.  It reminds me of a skirt I made one time out of toile home decorating fabric.  It was in brown tones, and I loved it so very much!  Not having worn it for a while, I might have to pull it back out into rotation!  Or even better, we could refashion it!  Oh, now my fingers are really getting itchy!  The elastic waist on this skirt makes it so very, very wearable, one to wear all day and night!

pink ribbon skirt

Last, but not least, Ann Taylor has an adorable Perforated Lace Cotton Pencil Skirt in…pink! of course!  We love the look and style!  They are calling the color Guava Juice…mmmm! Makes us thirsty, thirsty for one of these cuties!

Well that’s this week’s Skirt Alert!  Leave us some comment love and direct us to your favorite (pink) skirt!

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  1. Beautiful finds! I especially love the ombre maxi skirt!

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