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Skirt Alert! Cello Skirts!

cello skirt

cello skirt

So, this week I am doing a Skirt Alert post about two of my favorite things, cello and Pinterest. Yes, I am actively involved in the cello scene 🙂 I love to play the cello, whether solo or in an orchestra. Any female cello player can tell you that there’s a certain skirt required to play the cello. It has to be moderately wide, to allow for the cello to fit between the knees, but not too short, and absolutely no pencil skirts unless you are just set on hurting yourself:) I have listed below five cello skirts from my board ‘Cello Skirts’ on Pinterest!

cello skirt

  1. The Two-Tone Cello skirt.

This skirt is so cute! I love the solid black with the pure white at the bottom. The denim shirt is lovely paired with the skirt, and the pumps and belt are perfect accessories. This skirt is great for playing the cello in summer.

cello skirt

2.The Wool Cello skirt.

I adore the dark color, and the pleated style of this skirt! I would wear it with a cream long-sleeved shirt and a red vest with red or cream tights and brown boots. For a winter cello skirt, this one fits the ticket. Pleats are always good in a cello skirt because they allow for lots of width!

cello skirt

3.The Fluffy Aqua Cello skirt.

Oh. My. Goodness. It’s sooooooo fluffeh! I adore the way that this skirt looks with the skirt puffed out with petticoats! The leopard top is cute, although I might wear a shirt with a lace pattern. I like the nude shoes with this skirt, and the ensemble is perfect for an outdoor summer concert on the lawn!

 cello skirt

4. The Blue ASOS Cello skirt.

This looks like a super comfortable and feminine skirt! It has an elastic waist, and a beautiful flowy pattern. I like the shirt that it is paired with, and it would be cute with a pair of black pumps for a recital or concert.

cello skirt

5.The Purple Chiffon cello skirt.

A big bow in the back! I adore the bow! This is the perfect skirt for your first big solo recital where you want to look fabulous! I would wear this with a fancy black blouse and black heels.

Well, there you go! Based off this, you can pick and choose the perfect cello skirts to complement your wardrobe! Give me some cello love in the comment section!

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1 thought on “Skirt Alert! Cello Skirts!

  1. do you know where i could get the asos blue skirt? or if it’s still selling?

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