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Not-so-maxi Dress – Icky to Invigorating!

not-so-maxi dress

Project Sewn’s week 2 challenge is Floral Frenzy.  We think this dress to skirt refashion qualifies in a gorgeous, watercolor way!

We finally found courage to refashion a dress into a skirt!  And now we’re kicking ourselves for waiting so long!  It was so easy!  Plus now we have an extra section to explore when we go to thrift stores!  Thanks again, Fess, for the inspiration!  We knew it could be done, we just needed to see it modeled so fashionably!

not-so-maxi dress

Icky factor at work!  I mean look at that (lack of) length!

So we started with a not-so-maxi dress in gorgeous patterns of aqua and pink.  One thing about being tall…we find lots and lots of maxi dresses that aren’t!  Oh well, more material for Skirt Fixation, right?  And the ties just looked like they were in the wrong place when the dress didn’t even reach our ankles!  Also, the shape left a little to be desired.  I mean Allegra is very slender, but this dress makes her look like her hips are verrrrrrry large!  We found this beauty at Plato’s Closet and payed $6.00.

Here’s what we did:

Step 1: Cut off top of skirt, leaving about 1 inch above where we wanted the final top of the skirt to be.

Step 2: Folded over the top of the skirt twice and stitched in place.  This is slippery material, and the back of the not-so-maxi dress was elasticized, so it didn’t end up as the prettiest top seam in the whole world, but no worries, we plan to wear it as shown below!

not-so-maxi dress

Ta da!  Isn’t that something to see!

Allegra plans to wear heels with this, so she wanted it extra long, and extra long she got!

Total Time: 10 minutes

Total Cost: $6.00

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

not-so-maxi dress Fabulous length now!

So now we encourage you to try a dress to skirt transformation!  It’s easy, fun and oh-so-beautiful!  We just love how this one turned out.  The dress could only be worn for certain occasions, but the skirt can be tossed on and worn just about anywhere!  What a great use of a not-so-maxi dress!

pinterest ready photo

Well, now it’s your turn, so vote in the poll and leave some comment love!  We’d really appreciate it.  And if you do decide to make a dress to skirt transformation, send us some pictures!  And if you already have, we’re waaaaaaaiting!

Which is your favorite? Icky or Invigorating?

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Make it beautiful,


P.S.  Have you checked out Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition, yet?  Are you up for the challenge?  Great prizes are going to be awarded!

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  1. Great job girls!

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