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Skirt FACTsination – The Peplum Skirt

peplum skirt

This week’s skirt FACTsination is about one of our favorites- the peplum skirt! The peplum was worn in Ancient Greece by both men and women over their tunics, and more voluminous peplums worn by both genders in the Renaissance period. The familiar peplum of today didn’t come to be until the 1940’s, and had many pleats for volume. The peplum resurfaced in the 80’s, with the peplum resting more on the hips than the waist, and tending to have more variation in the waistline. It just recently resurfaced as a popular trend in the spring and summer of 2012. Most designs have the peplum right on the waist, like in the 40’s, and while there are fluctuations in the hight and waistline of the peplum, the basic style is worn on jackets, shirts, skirts and dresses. Guess what our favorite way to wear it is! You were right, as a skirt. We have included four of our favorite peplum skirts below!

peplum skirt

  • 1. The Piperlime mint green mini peplum skirt.

This skirt is ADORABLE!!! As well as being mint green (my personal fave,) the peplum is so fun and twirly! I would wear this with a black sheer button-down and black heels.

peplum skirt

2.  The Outblush Coral peplum skirt.

This peplum skirt is so cute! I love the way the peplum goes up in the center! This is a bit more casual of a skirt, so I would wear it with a easy white shirt and flats.

peplum skirt

  • 3. The Outblush Mustard peplum skirt.

The peplum on this skirt is very unique! I adore the little pleat on the right side that maximizes the style on this skirt. I would wear a dark blue button-down shirt and shiny dark-blue pumps.

peplum skirt


  • The Stylebop Raspberry wool peplum skirt.

This skirt is incredible! The only problem with this skirt is its price ( $145, marked down from $535!) Wowzers! The sleek silhouette of this peplum skirt is accented by the pointed peplum. I would wear this with a white satin button-down and black kitten heels.

Well that’s this week’s Skirt FACTsination for you!  Watch for a peplum skirt remake coming soon!

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1 thought on “Skirt FACTsination – The Peplum Skirt

  1. Hey! Now my peplum dress from 8th grade graduation in 1989 doesn’t seem so bad after all!! ha! 🙂

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