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Skirt Alert – Vintage Modcloth Skirts

vintage modcloth skirt

For today’s skirt alert post, we have put up four of our favorite skirts from our favorite vintage fashion site, Modcloth! We adore all of vintage Modcloth skirts, and we would have loved to feature every one of their skirts, but there are so many that we would never be able to in a million years! Be sure to check out their website for even more cute skirts!

vintage modcloth skirt

1. The Rickrack Circle skirt.

Sooooo cute and vintage even down to the rickrack edging, this skirt is perfect for a vintage ensemble for that special occasion. I can just imagine dancing or lunching in this comfortable skirt. I like the shoes and shirt that were paired with the skirt on the model, but I might wear black kitten heels instead of nude.

vintage modcloth skirt

2. The Purple Bow skirt.

This is a gorgeous cold weather skirt, as it is made of a little heavier fabric. I have a crush with bows on skirts, and the style of this skirt is so cute and simple! This is my perfect tea skirt, a cute but comfortable skirt to wear to a cafe without a worry! I would pair this with a white blouse and brown flats.

vintage modcloth skirt

3. The Math skirt.

I love this skirt!!! To me it looks very studious and comfortable to wear to school or a library. The boots on the model are a good pairing with the skirt to make it look more tomboyish, or wear a pair of tights and flats for a more feminine look.

vintage modcloth skirt

4. The Sea Green skirt.

Everybody knows that I have an obsession with mullet skirts and finding the perfect mullet skirt. I think I might have found it! This delightful skirt has just the right amount of  ‘mullet’ style without going overboard. I would pair this skirt with a plain black blouse and a pair of black heels.


Well, that’s today’s skirt alert. You can head over to Modcloth right away, or leave us some skirt love in the comment section!!!

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