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Skirt Alert! Soft Surroundings Skirts – Inspired by India

We think Soft Surroundings really does skirts right.  I mean, if you’re going to wear a skirt, you are probably trying to look feminine, and it doesn’t get much more feminine than Soft Surroundings skirts.  This summer they’ve had a line of India inspired skirts that we really love.  Soft, flowing, swishy…capturing the essence of India.

soft surrounding skirt

This skirt is a stunner in deep blues and brilliant aquamarines.  We can smell the curry, hear the music and feel the humidity in this skirt.  Except the fine female wearing this jewel would be ultimately cool!

bali skirt

The next stunner is called the Bali skirt – perfect name!  It combines ombre, beading, embroidered border, and flowers without going over the top into gaudy!  An eye-catcher to be sure!  Wearing this one, you would have to hold onto the outdoor table to keep your seat and not get up to join the belly dancers!


Something about birds on skirts always stops us in our tracks!  So this peacock print just floored us!  Although there would be no blending in, this Soft Surrounding skirt would launch the wearer to the top of the list!  Teal never looked so good!  And with an elastic waist, you could wear it all day long!


The last Soft Surroundings skirt we’re featuring today doesn’t really hold with the India theme, but sigh…who could resist?  Definitely a work of art, the marbled pen-and-ink design could hang in a gallery!  This skirt has elastic in the back, for comfort, and could be dressed down (if you had to!) with sandals and a black t-skirt!

Well, that’s this week’s Skirt Alert!  Come back next week for more skirt fun, and visit us on Pinterest, where we are having so much fun with skirts, of course!

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