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Grandparent’s Theme Week – A denim mini packin’ Grandma!

denim mini refashion

We have another very special Grandma B. that we want to feature this week.  When she saw this skirt that I’d refashioned, she went right out and found herself a denim mini.  Yes, we have our first copycat refashion!

denim mini

Then we had a “girls only” trip to Jo-Ann’s where we hunted and hunted until we found just the right fabric.  She turned them over to me and here’s what I did:

Step 1: Measure bottom of denim mini skirt.

Step 2: Use that measurement to create a tube from the fabric she’d selected.

Step 3: Sew fabric tube onto bottom of denim mini.

Step 4: Cut out denim strips (we cut up a pair of men’s jeans!) sew them together, gather, then sew to bottom of brown layer.

denim mini refashion

Ta da!  That’s it!  And there you have our first denim mini copycat makeover! But maybe it’s the model making this one look so good!  She slipped it on for a quick picture, but said she plans to wear it with a blue top, when she finds the perfect shade, and brown heeled boots!  How stylish, Grandma B!

Total Time: 1 hour

Total Cost: Well, you’d have to ask Grandma B., we only did the sewing!

Talent Level: Intermediate

denim mini copycat refashion

Leave Grandma B. some comment love, and let us know what you think.  By the way, this before & after picture is pinnable to Pinterest, so pin it and let all the world see our refashions!  Be sure to enter our free skirt giveaway so we can see your refashioning talent too!

Updated to add: Grandma B. changed her mind on the length of this skirt, so it’s now available on ETSY!  Lucky you!

Make it beautiful,

2 thoughts on “Grandparent’s Theme Week – A denim mini packin’ Grandma!

  1. Beautiful skirt! Very chic and feminine. 🙂

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