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No Boundaries denim mini – Awful to Attractive!

Today’s skirt refashion was a learning process, but ended up so much better than expected!  We started with a plain No Boundaries denim mini.  This was actually the first mini refashion we did, so we’re reaching back a few months here, but just didn’t get around to posting it until today!  Back to the mini, it cost $2.00 from Salvation Army.

Here's the denim mini bones!
Here’s the denim mini bones!

Here’s what we did!

Step 1: We took some pink, embroidered fabric we had in our stash and sewed it into a tube.  The problem was (being our first mini refashion) we forgot to allow extra width at the bottom for walking and stuff.  Now we just recently did a post on the hobble skirt, but that was not the idea here!  Also the look was too “little girl” for the intended wearer, Allegra.

Step 2: To fix the  problem we cut out 4 triangle shapes for the godet panels in the bottom of the pink fabric, two in front, two in back.

Step 3: Inserted lace panels from an old curtain.

Step 4: Zig-zag around bottom of skirt for slightly jagged/unhemmed look.

Now that's better!
Now that’s better!

I have to admit when I was done remaking this skirt, I left the sewing room, threw the skirt at Allegra saying, “There!  And I hope I never see that thing again!”  Unabashed, she put the skirt on, came running to show me, and we both loved it!  How about that look now?  She can walk, and it’s sophisticated enough for her taste!

Would you have guessed that used to be a curtain?
Would you have guessed that used to be a curtain?


Total cost: $2.00

Total time: 1 hour (due to the mistakes and backtracking!)

Talent Level: Intermediate Seamstress

Rose Lace skirt - Awful to Attractive!
Rose Lace skirt – Awful to Attractive!

Now it’s your turn!  What did you think?  Did you prefer the awful before (and during!) or the attractive after?  Vote in the poll and comment to let us know why you chose that skirt!

Which do you prefer? Awful before or Attractive after?

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