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Brown Thrift Store Skirt Refashion – Color Block to Color POP!

thrift store skirt refashion

On this remake, I started with a brown and white color block skirt from Goodwill for $2.50.

Goodwill skirt
Looking a little tired!

It was very cute and stylish with two pleats in the back and front. Color block skirts are really in now, and so I knew that even though it was tired, I could work with it.  The skirt reminded me of this skirt from Old Navy

old navy color-block skirt

or this skirt from Piperlime.

lime colorblock piperlime skirt

The only problem was that it wasn’t all that eye-catching, kind of boring, actually. I had this cute stash of three-layered lace from St. Vincent that I had been wanting to use, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I sewed the pink lace around the bottom of the skirt.
  2. I sewed two matching pink bows at the top of each of the pleats in the front.
thrift store skirt refashion
Ta Da!

There! This is a really easy remake to do to spice up a boring skirt! I love the way the ribbon and lace pair to make a cuter and more flirty skirt.

Kickin' up my heels for joy!
Kickin’ up my heels for joy!

I paired the skirt with a ruffled white button-down blouse and brown pumps. It could also be paired with a casual pink or white tee and sandals or flip-flops for a more casual look.

Worn out no more!
Worn out no more!

Total Time: 15 minutes

Total Cost: $3.50 (Picked up the matching ribbon for $1)

Talent Level: Beginner Seamstress

Color Block to Color POP!
Color Block to Color POP!

So what do you think?  Did you prefer the Color Block before or the Color POP after? Vote in the poll and leave us some love in the comments below!  Since my closet is getting a little stuffed, I am selling this skirt on Etsy here.

What do you think? Color Block or Color POP!

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