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Skirt FACTsination: Audrey Hepburn’s Commoner Outfit

This week’s Skirt FACTsination post (Facts about  skirts from the past) spotlights Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Commoner Outfit in Roman Holiday!

Look at the fullness of that skirt!
Look at the fullness of that skirt!

Audrey wore this for her ‘commoner’ outfit in Roman Holiday, her first black and white Hollywood movie that won her an Oscar. The simple, full long skirt is cinched with a wide belt and worn with a white button-up shirt. The designer for the movie, Edith Head, thought that Hepburn’s arms were too long and skinny, and that her neck was too long. Head designed the shirt with long sleeves to cover up Audrey’s arms, and also gave the actress a satin neck scarf to cover her ‘too-long neck.’ Hepburn, however, thought that she looked just fine, and rolled up the long sleeves to cope with Rome’s heat. She also discarded the scarf in several scenes. The outfit was originally paired with heels, but they were thrown away in favor of ballet- style sandals.

I think he loves her skirt, too!
I think he loves her skirt, too!

Love the classic timelessness of this outfit!

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