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A lovely skirt design

This paper material reminded me of a shirt that my mom has. Her shirt is made of rayon and I thought that it would be fun to make a shirt and a skirt out of the paper. I have a paper fashions kit which made it easy. First I made the skirt. Then once I saw the style of my skirt and the material, I was easy to picture the style of shirt that would go with it. At first the shirt looked fat so I added the belt, and I had a lot of beads so I made the belt out of them, but then that made the skirt look a little plain, so I decided that some beads would brighten it up. I added the beaded trim and now I have a very cute paper fashion that I can hang on my wall or paste on a card!

This post was created for you by Aria.  It is first in a series of posts about skirt design.

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