Skirt Fixation: Flaunting the Feminine Side!

Let's Talk Skirts!

Have you seen an awesome skirt somewhere?  Do you have a favorite fabric?  Have you designed a skirt you're especially proud of?  Have a comment on one of ours?  Just need to share your skirt addiction with gals who understand?  Never fear, we are here for you!

Latest Skirt Fixation

All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats Wrap Up
All The Skirts

We’d like to wrap up the first edition of All The Skirts with Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats by showing you once again the three Sis Boom/Scientific Seamstress skirts we sewed up with fabric from Imagine Gnats. Scientific Seamstress’s Patchwork Twirl Skirt with Imagine Gnats Cotton + Steel fabric Scientific Seamstress’s Perfectly Preppy Skirt with Imagine…

The Playful Kitten: Living Skirt Art
The Playful Kitten ~ Living Skirt Art

It is so fun making the ‘replicas’ of art! We call it Living Skirt Art, and it’s kind of like doing art backward!  We have a Skirt Art board over on Pinterest where we keep a running collection of all kinds of art with a skirt in it.  It’s very inspirational. While searching through our…

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Tractor Backpack {Kids Clothes Week Day 7}
Tractor Backpack

Tractor Backpack for Kids Clothes Week Day 7 I made it to Day 7!  In case you missed it, for Kids Clothes Week, I sewed something everyday for each of my children, making seven things sewn in one week!  (That’s a lot of sewing, that’s why I’m just finishing up the blogging now!)  I made…

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Reversible Fleece Hat {Kids Clothes Week Day 6}
Reversible Fleece Hat

Reversible Fleece Hat: Kids Clothes Week Day 6 When I asked my teenage son what he wanted for Kids Clothes Week, he was certain he didn’t want me to sew him anything.  But later he found a hat that needed repaired, and said if I really wanted to I could make him another one like…

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