Skirt Fixation: Flaunting the Feminine Side!

Let's Talk Skirts!

Have you seen an awesome skirt somewhere?  Do you have a favorite fabric?  Have you designed a skirt you're especially proud of?  Have a comment on one of ours?  Just need to share your skirt addiction with gals who understand?  Never fear, we are here for you!

Latest Skirt Fixation

Scallopini Skirt {All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats}
All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats

We have the final skirt for All The Skirts: Sis Boom & Imagine Gnats skirt for you today! Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this post to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to with Sis Boom patterns and Imagine Gnats fabric for yourself. The Scallopini Skirt by Sis Boom…

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KCW Update

This is what your sewing table looks like when you have 4 sewing projects at once happening! I will blog all these projects in the rest of this week and the beginning of next! I’m finding out that both sewing and blogging about it everyday is challenging…but I am sewing as evidenced above!  Kids Clothes Week…

Jocole A-Line Skirt {Kids Clothes Week Day 3}
jocole A-line yoga skirt

Kids Clothes Week Day 3 Back when I made the Jocole A-line yoga skirt for Aria and I, Allegra was a bit jealous.  She saw how comfortable they are and how often we wear them, she requested one for herself.  And then there was this super comfortable knit fabric we got from Imagine Gnats.  (I’ve…

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A Mask! {Kids Clothes Week Day 2}

Kids Clothes Week Day 2 The second day of Kids Clothes Week ended up being very easy for me!  Thomas requested a mask.  When I tried to entice him with something a little more extravagant, he insisted that a mask was all he wanted and had been wanting for a very long time.  In fact,…

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