Skirt Fixation: Flaunting the Feminine Side!

Let's Talk Skirts!

Have you seen an awesome skirt somewhere?  Do you have a favorite fabric?  Have you designed a skirt you're especially proud of?  Have a comment on one of ours?  Just need to share your skirt addiction with gals who understand?  Never fear, we are here for you!

Latest Skirt Fixation

Emilie Skirt {All The Skirts: Spit Up & Stilettos}
Emilie Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

The next skirt in the series All The Skirt: Spit Up & Stilettos is the Emilie Skirt. During the planning phase of this edition of All The Skirts, Allegra asked for this skirt to be made into a cello skirt for her. What is a cello skirt? Well if you are a cellist, you know…

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Uptown Downtown Dress Blog Tour
Uptown Downtown Dress sewn by Skirt Fixation

  We are delighted to be part of Sew Straight & Gather’s Uptown/Downtown Dress blog tour.  Terri was one of our Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition contestants.  The Uptown/Downtown Dress with the free Expansion pack can be described in one word: perfection!  When we saw Terri unfolding the free expansion pack day by day, we…

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Buffalo Plaid Reversible Jacket
Reversible jacket

We accepted the Girl Charlee Buffalo Plaid challenge!  The requirements were to use one of 4 buffalo plaid fabrics and sew up anything.  So we went for the blue and coral buffalo plaid, added some navy sweatshirt fleece, a Which Way Out Jacket pattern and poof!  A new reversible jacket for Aria!  Just in time…

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Lotta Skirt by Compagnie M.
The Lotta Skirt sewn by Skirt Fixation

When we made the Bimaa Sweater we gave a sneak peek of a matching skirt and promised more info later.  If you’ve been following along on the Lotta Skirt tour, you already know about this skirt!  But if you haven’t, we would like to introduce you to one special skirt!  The Lotta Skirt was designed by…

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