Skirt Fixation: Flaunting the Feminine Side!

Let's Talk Skirts!

Have you seen an awesome skirt somewhere?  Do you have a favorite fabric?  Have you designed a skirt you're especially proud of?  Have a comment on one of ours?  Just need to share your skirt addiction with gals who understand?  Never fear, we are here for you!

Latest Skirt Fixation

Lazy Days Skirt for Older Girls
Lazy Days skirt for older girls, a tutorial by Skirt Fixation

To finish up the month of July with Simple Simon & Co.‘s Skirting The Issue event, we have one quick tutorial for you.  Have you been following the Oliver+S month long tutorials for the Lazy Days Skirt?  We have a modification for that skirt too: our tutorial is how to make the Lazy Days Skirt…

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The UGLY Skirt vs. Jennifer Elliott

We interrupt your regularly scheduled skirt program to bring you the latest news about the UGLY skirt.  We sent this UGLY skirt to Jennifer, a brave volunteer who blogs at Jennifer Elliott. Now all we knew about this skirt was that it was an UGLY skirt, but Jennifer actually found out more information about this…

A different kind of birthday gift!
birth day gift by Skirt Fixation

Over the weekend we helped celebrate the birthday of a very special sewing lady.  But today we are talking about a different kind of birth day.  Recently there was occasion to give two different ladies that we know and love baby girl gifts. Whenever we have a chance to give newborn gifts, we turn to some…

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A Rainbow For Katy
Rainbow Sew Together Bag sewn by Skirt Fixation

Today is the birthday of a sewing superstar!  In the sewing world, pretty much everyone has heard of and is in awe of Katy who sews and blogs at No Big Dill.  She has inspired many people with her beautiful sewing, photography and blogging.  And today is her birthday!  We wanted to thank Katy for…

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